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This blog post is in collaboration with Beverly Hills Orthodontics

Before I decided to try Invisalign I kept asking myself the same question repeatedly: Is this something I really need? I had braces in high school for 9 months, but a lack of wearing my retainer made my teeth shift. I researched everything I could about Invisalign, but in the end, I decided that the only way to truly answer some lingering questions was to go and get a consult.

My first and only consult was with Beverly Hills Orthodontics and I was set to meet Dr. Monica Madan. Meeting Dr. Madan was everything I had hoped for. She’s so vivacious and she listens to your questions and gives you honest advice. We instantly clicked as fellow Libras and due to our mutual interest in fashion.

Before I told her what I thought I needed corrected, Dr. Madan gave me her input as to the changes she would like to see. Her words echoed my thoughts to the tiniest detail. Even though it was my first time meeting her, I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Madan made the entire process so simple and painless. She outlined everything for me and explained what to expect, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. In three short months, I would have the smile I wanted.

It was pretty easy, I had twelve trays that were molded specifically for my teeth. Each week, I just changed my tray to shift with my teeth’s movement. (Depending on the amount of work your smile needs, that will determine the number of trays you will get).

At first, wearing the trays felt a little strange, my initial thought was, what did I just get myself into? But, after about a week I didn’t even notice they were there. Travel toothpaste became my best friend, because I always liked brushing my teeth after eating and before putting the trays back in. Gel nail polish was also a MUST, because snapping the trays in and out so often was causing my regular nail polish to chip easily. I found in the beginning of my treatment when I was not as comfortable with my trays I was eating less. I lost a little weight the first week or so, but once I got into a smarter routine I was back to normal. You can only drink clear liquid with your trays in, so I found myself drinking a LOT of water with lemon. For obvious reasons this is a great side benefit, and my skin looked extra glowy.

The time flew by, and in 12 short weeks I was back in the office getting fit for my retainers. The retainers are a little smaller/tighter than the original trays, and they are meant to be worn either 24/7 for a year or only at night for the first 2 years depending on how often you can keep them in.

I was and am very happy with my results for many reasons. I’m happy it was such a quick and painless process, but I’m especially glad that I had someone to guide me through the process and explain everything so simply.

In three short months, I had fixed everything I wanted to, and who knows how long it would have taken to do the same change with regular braces. I loved my experience with Dr. Madan and her team. Each time I came for my visits, I was in and out with no wait times. The staff as a whole is very knowledgeable about the Invisalign process, so everything felt very fluid. I would totally recommend her offices to anyone who has thought of fixing anything with their smile, no matter how big or small.

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