New York Fashion Week FW19 The In’s The Out’s & How to Get Invited

For being my first fashion week, I felt that most of my meetings and shows went smoothly, but there were definitely areas on where I could have improved.

⭐️ First I want to break down how fashion weeks work throughout the year: There are three important times in fashion, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I would say fall and spring are the biggest weeks in fashion, being as winter is mostly presentations for designers so there are less shows ect. Keep this in mind when you are reaching out to PR teams and designers, because less shows means a less chance of getting in. However, on the flip side this also means less people may go to the winter events, so if you’re a smaller blogger you may have a better chance getting your foot in the door.

Here’s some of the things I did to attend fashion week 2019:

⭐️ First things first, look up the dates of presentations and shows and see which dates work best for your schedule. You DO NOT need to feel like you have to attend the whole week, that will for sure tire you out. From my experience I would start at the beginning, arrive a day into fashion week so you can be one of the first at shows and events. I arrived at the tail end of fashion week this season due to a prior commitment, and if I did it over I would have done the reverse, and attend the first couple days and then fly back to LA towards the end. 

⭐️ Next, about three weeks prior to fashion week starting, begin reaching out to every PR team/designer you can. Find their email and write a short description about yourself and your blog and why you would be a good fit to go to their show. Now I’m sure you believe you should go to every show, but remember these people are being bombarded by emails from people like you all day so figure out why you would be a special attendee. 

⭐️ Next step, follow up! If you do not get a response within 10 days from the people you emailed previously, don’t be afraid to follow up. Again they are busy busy busy, don’t be offended if you do not get a response on the first try!

⭐️ Next, start to look into hotels. When doing so, if you want to save money reach out to the hotel’s PR teams and enquire about press rates. Explain you are a blogger in the city for fashion week and see if they are running any promo’s. Don’t be discouraged if they are not, rejection is part of the business. 

⭐️ Next, I would also start reaching out to other bloggers in the area. Try to set up meet and greets with some of the girls in your industry. Start DMing girls that you admire and would actually enjoy spending your time with. This will be great exposure 1, and 2 you may just meet a great friend!

⭐️ During this hectic time of reaching out, planning, scheduling, researching, you should also be shopping! Shopping for your outfits of course, or creating your own looks should be a big part of prep for you. Fashion is all about fun, creativity, taking bold risks, so do this in your looks. STAND OUT!!! Plan your looks at least 2 weeks prior to shows so you do not have to worry or be stressed when traveling (believe me this will be a huge time and stress saver). For me, what has proven to work best is to plan ahead and take mirror selfies of each look and save them into their own album in my phone. This way I have a reference and if I’m undecided about a look I can always look back during my travels versus waisting time trying things on. 

So, now we are about a week before fashion week. You should now be finalizing your schedule, have booked your flights, and solidifying all your hotel stays ect. 

Now the fun part! Fashion week has begun and you are probably running around like a chicken without a head, trying to make it to shows, make it to meetings, meeting up with other chic girl bosses, remembering to eat, drink enough water, and get enough sleep! Enjoy the process ladies, and remember to have fun with it!


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